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10 easy steps for creating a blog on Blogger.

Starting a blog is the easiest way to show your creativity, talent and expertise. People are also using there blogging skills to promote a business or earning money from affiliate and advertising.

Thanks to Google, nowadays blogging has become as simple as making other social media accounts. Before this time making a blog needed coding skills, designing skills, which was more of web developing then content writing.

But today you just need to follow Digi Guruji’s instructions to make a good blog for yourself.

In this article, I will guide you step by step with images to get your blog started on Google’s free Blog platform Blogger.com

Blogger is free blogging platform from Google. Blogs on Blogger.com are search engine friendly and also has a very easy interface, you just need to have writing skills to be a blogger leave all the technical work on Google. Blogger offers 41 different languages to share your expertise.

Follow every step to start your blog on Blogger.com, Let us dig in.

It take hardly 5 minutes to create a blog on blogger, you also have many options to customize your blog.

Step 1. Decide your niche, Choose a perfect niche on which you can express yourself. When it comes to blogging all you have is your words to express and attract visitors to your blog. Take your time and decide what passionate you, which type of content you can write.

Step 2. After you get your track, go to blogger.com to create your free blog.

Step 3. Log in to your Gmail account, If you don’t have to create one.

Step 4. Create a blog, A pop-up window will appear with three different sections.

· Title

· Address

· Theme

In title section write your name/Title of your blog.

In Address section write URL you want for your blog, sometimes you may not get your desired URL but don’t worry Google will suggest you some URLs related to your wish list.

After Title and Address you will have to Choose a Theme for your Blog, just get one you can change or customize it anytime you need a new one.

Step 5. Here is your Dashboard.

You can see an easy to use dashboard on your screen with multiple options to make your blogging experience better.

You can view your stats, comments, earnings, pages and settings on the left task-bar.

Step 6. Click on the new post and you will get an easy to use post writing page.

You will get a section for post title and a big blank space for the main post. It is as simple the as witting on MS-word.

Step 7. Get into setting option from the left taskbar and you can customize your URL according to your preference.

Step 8. You can also edit your profile in Basics setting section.

You are listed as an Author if you want you can also register other authors who are willing to post articles on your blog.

Step 9.  Go to posts, Comments and Sharing section to customize post and comment settings

You can set different moderation for comments and word verifications.

Step 10. Go to Language and Formatting settings to customize your preferred language and Timezone of the country.

Perfect time zone will give you a perfect stats on your blog.

Enjoy Blogging.


Digi Guruji


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