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15 Digital Marketing Strategies to rely upon.

2018 is about to end, this is the time you should start thinking about your Digital Media Strategy.

When things don’t happen according to your Goal Sheet, here comes the time when you should change your Strategy.

A Billion Dollar Question, “How to make an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?” 

If you are reading my article then you are ahead to see a better Digital Marketing Strategy for your campaign, I will always try to Inform you about latest updates in Digital Marketing. When we start to think about a good Digital Marketing Strategy we should always think about Future of Digital Marketing and Target Audience.

How to create your digital marketing strategy? 

These 15 Digital Marketing Strategies will provide you with a good prototype to achieve your marketing goals.

1. Using Instagram

If you don’t have an Instagram account for your business. Just go and make one, what are you waiting for? Young Audience has rushed on Social Sites platform with over 1.5 billion active users. Advertisers are using Instagram to show their advertisements through filtered and edited pictures. When you share your content on Instagram people love to get indulge with it. Everyone like pictures and videos rather than reading long contents which gives Instagram an upper hand over written content.

2. Yahoo and Bing can also help.

The Average CPC (cost per click) is 25% to 30% lower than Google.  A lower CPC (cost per click) can yield a lower CPA (cost per acquisition), If you are having less budget for PPC (pay per click) you can also choose Yahoo and Bing as your promotion partners. Traffic will cost comparatively cheaper than Google. 

3. Finding Lookalike Audience.

Do you want to reach more audience through Facebook advertisements?

Looking for a way to reach more idle and genuine Consumers?

Lookalike Strategy lets you build a new audience grom from your established Audience group, for example, you can create a group of the audience from people who have viewed your previous videos or purchased from you.

Still Confused?

Here I go, let’s suppose you have 1000 email address of people who are indulged with foods and recipes. You can simply upload it to Facebook advertising tool to target exact demographic profile similar to your existing.

You just need your work with the Facebook tool, and you are all set to rock the market. 

4. Paid promotion on Facebook.

First, you need to decide which post of yours will bring quality results for you. Then just by investing 1000 Rupees, you can get good Interacting Audience to your post. It is as simple as that, Boosting post by spending a small amount on it can give you really good results. With Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm your story will appear on your targeted audience’s timeline.

5. Email marketing.

If you have a business and you need to remind your consumers for subscriptions do it on a mail. Email conversation looks more formal and professional then SMS or any other medium. If you already do so, double it. Remind your customers and also give them new offers on email if you have one.

Believe me or not but email marketing is still best channel for ROI (return on investment). Start optimizing your Marketing Strategy with help of email channel.

6. using Twitter.

A perfect twitter outreach strategy can make your plans go boom, Twitter has nearly 330 million active users who always indulged in hashtags they search for. Twitter also has most Indulging and participating audience in all social platforms. Promoting your business with Twitter is one of the best digital strategies to depend upon.

7. Facebook re-marketing.

If you are a social media manager and you have not planned for a display advertising on facebook then you are missing the best part of your profession. Display Advertising on Facebook is the most effective strategy a marketer can take on social media to create a good amount of conversion and brand exposure. With good results and a flexible budget, one can easily relay on facebook display advertisements as the digital marketing strategy.

While doing a Facebook display ad you can track every click you advertisement gets with new tracking codes you can also optimize and plan for your future Digital Marketing Goals.

8. Blogging.

We all want a good amount of traffic on our website, and blog plays a role of a match stick to this fire. Blog with effective and interactive content plays an important role to rank fast in Google search results. A blog having good rank gets a good amount of Organic Traffic. A high number of Organic traffic proves that your brand is getting famous and also results to increase in conversion rate.

9. Google+ sharing.

Google+ may not get your attention for business promotions but Google+ is one of the best platforms to share your website. People likely don’t get indulge with Google+ as a social site but Google+ plays a very important role to rank a website.

The more review you get from your post, the more content you post on your website, the more followers you obtain can make your website rank better in Google search results.

10. YouTube videos.

Google owns YouTube; promoting your business with such a high trafficked Google platform can provide a boom to your business strategy. Videos always act as a great medium to keep visitors on the website. Uploading videos on YouTube and embedding it to your site will help your site to retain visitors for a longer period of time. Videos also help to make your audience interactive. A good YouTube channel always acts as a game changer to your strategy. When a visitor finds a video for a particular article it is more likely that he may return to your website in future.  

11. Sharing graphics.

The more compelling your graphics are on your website the more it creates a good image of your website, sharing Graphics on social media helps you get more followers and social sharing. If you know graphic designing or you have a graphic designing team then start sharing the talent on social media to utilize more and more visual loving audience. As we all need more active audience, which can be achieved by good quantity and quality of visual content. 

12. Search engine optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) leads have closing rate of 15% while Traditional medium like Tele calling and print advertisement has closing rate of 1.7%. Big difference? Yes SEO can make a difference. Having SEO activity for your site can create a lot of leads for future growth of your business. 60% of people easy trust a website when it ranks on top of search result. Having a good SEO strategy for your Digital Campaign can act as your most reliable weapon. In my opinion a site must be optimized according to SEO norms, and SEO is the best Strategy in my top 15 list.

13. Contributing Content.

If you want you’re content to be seen by more people start sharing it with other blogs in the same genre.  If you are interested into food blogging then start writing about foods which belong to a particular state or city, by doing so people will think that you know that you are a expert and you are giving your reviews. When people will think of the same food or state you have blogged for they will remember you and your blog.

14. Digital PR.

Digital PR sometimes acts as a solid brick to build your company’s reputation. If you can Convince different bloggers or channels of the same genre to write about your company or to tweet about your CEO it can boost your traffic and can also make your business gain more popularity. The more people talking about your company, Tweeting about your brand name the more exposure you will get for the coming year. 

15. Unique promotion.

Turning the Table now, a unique promotion can very useful arrow in your quiver. Start a campaign as a giveaway event or a lucky contest for indulging followers. You can also start a promotion as video or photo uploading contest. If your promotion strategy goes well it will be one of the most talked event your activity.


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