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Facebook ad Manager quick guide.

Facebook is one of the best platform to share your business, millions of people use Facebook every day to communicate with their family and friends. Business owners spends millions for their social media activities. Why not learn Facebook by yourself?

Advertisements on Facebook costs less and has a huge impact on audience. Let Facebook ads be in your marketing strategy for growth of your business.

In this article, I will give you a quick step on How to step up ads by using Facebook Ad Manager.

Step 1: Think about a good ad topic with a checklist of all requirements like Title, Description and Images.

Step 2: Go to your Facebook Page and click on Ads Manager button embedded into three dots beside share button.

Step 3: Open Ad Manager from top menu bar under create and manage.

Step 4: Click on create ad button which at right side below Account Overview:

Step 5: Tell Facebook about your marketing objective, There are three main type of Facebook marketing objectives Awareness, Consideration, Conversion.

Step 6: I took Traffic from consideration as example, I will show you how to drive traffic to your website from Facebook ads, I have kept default name for the campaign. let it be default name for first name for first time.

Step 7: Select your property type Website, App or Messanger.

Step 8: Define your Target Audience,

Use custom audience when you already have profile of your audience.

Locations will help you with targeting your audience within a specific location.

Age group section will help you to filter your audiences age group.

Gender section will filter your audience by there gender group.

Also use Language section to filter the Audience's language.

Step 9: You can also further filter your audience according to there interest.

Step 10: Now its time to set up budget and schedule, I will advice you to set up a life time budget for first time.

Step 11: Look up-to Audience size and estimate daily results and links clicks.

Step 12: Now choose Ad Format.

Step 13: Design your Advertisement with catchy Title, Description and Image.

Step 14: Facebook will review your Ad and your ad will be published, It may take upto 2-24hrs.

Last step is your payment method, Just pay start your ad.


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