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Google Algorithm Updates in 2018

With no surprise, we will see some new Google Algorithm updates in 2018. Google Algorithm updates and webmaster updates always create rumor and predictions. This is because everyone wants to stay up with Google’s latest policies. You can only compete with others when you are with Google, Running your Digital Marketing Campaign according to Google’s latest Algorithm Update will give you quick success.

Today I will discuss some upcoming updates of Google Algorithm, These updates are not officially announced by Google but after looking at deep predictions and comparing hundreds of blogs and Google Articles we can have a list to predictions which can act as Google’s new Algorithm update in 2018.  

Let’s start with our Checklist:

1) Google RankBrain Update: RankBrain is a Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Algorithm which improves Google’s search result process.  Machine Learning is a process by which a machine learns automatic about a person’s search query and finds a solution to give the best Search Result.  Google also says that RankBrain is a third most important factor for Ranking.

Google may work more on RankBrain because as we know Artificial Intelligence is coming future and most importantly it will improve Google’s search results by itself so working for RankBrain update can be seen in 2018.

2) Google Pigeon Update: Google Pigeon Updates provides more relevant and accurate results considering users location and other geographical factors.

To Increase Local SEO performance Google Pigeon acts as an important factor when a person is searching for any query he gets results matching up with his geographical location and other Local Geographical factors.

Locals Factors such as.

· Search Distance.

· Relevance.

· Name

· Address.

· Phone Number.

· Area Code.

Google will also work for Pigeon to improve local search list which will help the visitor to engage better with Google. 

3) Google Panda Update: Google Panda Update deals with Copy, Thin or Spammy Contents and sends  Penalty if a website has one also websites having Keyword stuffing, Plagiarism or poor user Experience may face a loss on Search Result Pages.

You should always Avoid:

· Duplicate Content.

· Thin Content.

· Spammy Content.

· Keyword Stuffing.

· Plagiarism.

 4) Google Penguin Update: Google Penguin deals with Link Quality, Google penalizes those websites which don’t follow Google webmaster guidelines and also the websites who buy back-links from third-party sites. One other reason behind this update was to tell people about Google’s Disavow Tool which helps you to remove URL which is harming your website and to tell Google not to consider link juice to that Link.

5) Google Pirate Update: Google Pirate Update takes care of Copyright protected and Intellectual Properties. It Penalizes those sites which get Copyrights errors or Copyright flags. Majority of this Errors are been reported by Music Industry or Film Industries preventing Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

6) Google HummingBird Update: Google Hummingbird Update was to manage long tail keywords to better the User Intent. It talks into consideration of search engine results that matches Search Intent or long tail keyword rather than Individual Keyword inquire.

7) Mobile Friendly Update: Google Mobile-Friendly update which is also known as Mobile geddom makes sure that a website is mobile friendly and it is properly Mobile Optimized which give a website importance in Search Result Ranking Pages. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is also recent mobile-friendly update to improve Speed of a website.

8) Google Possum Update: Google Possum updates acts to introduce various local search results.

It tells you the distance between you and business you have searched for. Also tells you all nearby locations of product or service you have searched for.

It also tells you the locations of products and services you have searched for in your targeted area.

Both processes act with the help of Business listing.

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