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Important Tools for Digital Marketing Beginners.

Digital Marketing is a field in which you should try using tools as far as possible to save your time. Today I will list some free Digital Marketing Tools for Beginners.

For Blogging:

Free Article Spinner / Article Rewriter: If you are tired of tinging something new for your content go try Free Article Spinner or Article Rewrite Tool. This tools helps you to spin existing content from the web.

Google Keyword Planner: Google Keyword Planner is a free tool from Google which comes as Add on in Google Ad-words Platform. You Can use Google Keyword Planner Tool to know Volume, CPC and Competition of a Keyword it also gives you related Keywords suggestions for the same.

Keyword Everywhere: Keyword Everywhere is a free Extension for Chrome, Mozilla Browser which tells you about Monthly search volume of any keyword searched or suggested in Search Engine.

Google Trends: Google Trends is a free Tool from Almighty Google which gives you update about latest topics extracted from your desired keyword searched in it, You can also filter results by Country.

For SMO:

Fireshot: Fireshot is a easy to use chrome extension for screenshots which you can use for getting screenshots from competitors post for boosting and upgrading your strategy.

Likealyzer: Likealyzer is Free and easy to use tool for your Facebook Page, Like other Website Auditing tools it will Audit your Facebook Page for you. It will give your a overview of improvements you can do on your Facebook Page.

Hashtagify: Hashtagify is Hashtag extractor tool, You just need to type a Hashtag in search field and it will give you a Hashtag Cloud related to your search term/Hashtag based on there popularity.

How Sociable: How Sociable is social media tool which measures the magnitude of words/phrase/names on social media within 6 days frame.

Buffer Tool: Buffer Tool is a packed up bundle of social media handling platform. with Buffer Tool you can Handel Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Instagram and other social media Pages and Profile from same Dashboard.

Bitlt: Bitly is a effective URL shorter Tool, When you have limited space to express your stories and updates Bit.ly helps you with packing up the URL in minimum characters. For SEO:

SEO Tool Box/Neil Patel SEO Tool/ SEOptimer: This are free Website Auditing tool which helps you with automated Website Audit report, They have very easy to use Interface with few click process. You can also generate reports in PDF Format. Don't Forget to check Website Scores.

DA & PA Checker in seoreview Tool: DA & PA checker by seoreview tool is a must have tool in your seo arsenal while reporting the progress of your website, Domain Authority(DA) & Page Authority(PA) plays a very important role for getting a good position in SERP.

Seocentro tool for meta tags: Seocentro meta tag analyzer is one of the best tool for analyzing metas from website.

Gift of speed Image Optimization Test: Gift of speed is a free to use tool which helps you find non-optimized Image from your website. Tools for youtuber:

VideoPad: VideoPad is a video editing Software with easy to use inbuilt tool which will help you with editing videos for YouTube, you can also do green screen editing in VideoPad.

Penzoid: Penzoid is a video intro creator tool with minimal steps. You don't need to be pro in 3D designing for creating your own intro, Penzoid will do the work for you.

YouTube Creator Studio: YouTube Creator studio is a virtual studio for YouTube Video Creators. You customize your Video's Thumbnail, Add end screen and rich card also you have access to Analytics for monitoring your videos. For Mobile Friendly Test (also for vso):

Google's test my site: Test my site from google is one of the best tool for mobile friendly validation test, A Website should be perfectly mobile optimized to hold mobile visitors, This Tool will show you all the improvement sections for your website.

Google Speed Insight / Pingdom: This Tools will help you with measuring your website loading speed on both Mobile and desktop, Website Loading speed matter a lot when managing the bounce rate of a website.

AMP Validator from ampproject.org: AMP i.e accelerated mobile page is a new big thing when you are making your website mobile friendly. AMP loads fast and give best user experience for any website. This Tool will help you to validate weather a website is mobile friendly or not.

All the listed Tools are free, some come with trial versions. But they are enough to teach you on Beginner Level.


Happy Marketing.


Digi Guruji


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