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Is Google Caffeine Algorithm still working?

There are many rumors about Google's Caffeine update and the most famous is Caffeine is not an algorithm but an advancement into Google's Indexing system.

Let us Divide experts into groups to understand why Google Caffeine was one of the most discussed topics in Digital Marketing.

There are three groups of experts with there own point of view about Google Caffeine.

Group 1 thinks that Google Caffeine Update is an Algorithm to rank updates or fresh content in SERP(search engine ranking pages).

Group 2 has shared their views by telling that it is nothing but an advanced/improved version of Google Ranking system.

Group 3 thinks that there is nothing like Google Caffeine because they have not noticed any changes.

We will follow some general logic to get a clear view upon this to discuss.

Let us discuss Group 3 first: According to some expert/marketers, there is nothing like Google Caffeine because they have not noticed any changes in search results related to freshness or index speed. Upon this statement, we can say that they have not noticed any changes that doesn't mean there are no changes into algorithms because we all know that Google Modifies or changes its formulas or mechanism 300-400 times a year and also there are more than 200 ranking factors to be noted while ranking a website in SERP. Google may have changed a major mechanism or introduced a major formula(Algorithm) which was unnoticeable by them. And also Google has officially announced Caffeine.

Group 2: Group 2 consists of people who think that Google Caffeine is an advanced/improved version of Google Indexing system which Google is using for fast indexing of web-page.

According to experts/marketers of group 2 in later 2008-2009, Google noticed that there are more than thousands of websites serving goods and services across the nation and millions of people are searching for trending and upgraded goods and services that made google introduced Caffeine to improve crawl rate for better and more results for searches. They also stated that Google Bots only crawl web pages Indexing process are been done by caffeine, Google Bots doesn't crawl JS it is directly indexed with help of Caffeine(only if the action required), and Caffeine increases crawl rate.

During 2006-2008 an average crawl rate was around 30-45% with 7-12% active URLs in SERP but after Google Announced Caffeine on August 2009 the Crawl rates got increment to 60-70% also active URLs in SERP increased to 40-45% this states shows that Google Caffeine is working for publisher and visitors.

Also, they told that Google Caffeine Indexes new and fresh category contents and classifies them according to visitors search intent also Caffeine helps new websites to index there web-pages.

Now, let us discuss group 3: People in group 3 thinks that Google Caffeine is an Algorithm which helps Google to index fresh and new content.

This is how it works: After Google has increased there crawling rate Google Caffeine is helping Google to show fresh and updated content to an audience.

When a bot Crawls a website it brings all the information from the website to database after getting data caffeine renders and Index it accordingly. Also, Experts/Marketers of this group gave an example of News websites who update contents on daily basis here Caffeine Algorithm acts as a gateway which filters all the crawled information and renders it to show a more accurate result in SERP.

Conclusion: I am 100% sure that group 3 is wrong. I partly agree with group 1 stating Google Caffeine is an Algorithm/Formula acts for Ranking websites but after reading many resources and watching different videos on youtube about Google Caffeine my opinion is that Google Caffeine is more likely to be a new Indexing pattern or feature just like expert discussed from Group 1.

I have also seen some shifts in ranking and results after reading old choirs and contents on different blogs.

Please tell your opinion in the comment section.

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