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Why to Choose Digital Marketing as Career?

Digital Marketing is Booming day by day, To get Visibility, Sales Conversion, Promotions, Maintaining PR, ORM, Engaging with Customers and most importantly getting a good position on virtual platforms Digital Marketing is must have weapon in your arsenal.

As the demand for mobile phones and laptops are increasing, people are spending more time in the virtual world. Which makes Digital Marketing a necessity for every business organization. Many small and big Business organizations are using Digital Marketing as there trump card. Which open ups new gate and opportunities in this sector.

If you are a Digital Marketing professional you always flow with trending updates and technologies.

It is a right time for someone who is looking for a good carrier for future growth.

Let us discuss 10 strong reasons why you should choose Digital Marketing as Career.

1.  No Recession: From 1990 till now Digital Marketing Field has never faced Loss, Digital Marketing is also known as no loss Industry. When you are into Digital Marketing field, the risk factor of facing loss is minimal.

2. Immense Earnings: Digital Marketing Professionals are highly paid officials when you step into a digital marketing firm with 2-5 yrs of experience, you will get paid around 8 Lakhs Rs depending on your experience or company size.  Research has also stated that a good freelancer earns around 10-15 Lakhs Rs a year on average. If you are an elite level freelancer for any virtual agency you will be paid 50-100$ per hour. 

3. You can be Digital Geek: When you are into Digital Marketing firm you will learn new tricks on the Internet because half of your daily time will be in Virtual World. Knowing Shortcuts and work hacks on Internet will make you Digital Geek.

4. You can measure Both Physical and Virtual Results: You can track both physical and virtual results in your audits; measuring results of your work will boost your confidence.

5. You automatically get more creative: When you are into Digital Marketing firm you will see different creativities like Website designs, Contents, Videos and many Virtual build ups. This will help you to generate new ideas with the help of your subconscious mind. The more you explore the sharper you get.

6. The Best part, you learn something new every day: Digital Marketing is a field where you can explore the entire planet on your desk; Changes in search engine algorithm will make you learn new concepts apart from this you will encounter many different virtual platforms teaching you about new trends. One Such is Google Trend.

7. Growing Industry: Digital Marketing is growing Industry, Every day you will see that a new Company will approach Digital Marketing professionals for their growth and development.

8. Digital Marketing is a blend of different backgrounds: In the Field of Digital Marketing, we have people from every field, Engineering, Management, Sales, Advertising, Journalism, PR, Hospitality, Electronics and many more. It doesn’t mind whether you have a Technical knowledge or not Digital Marketing always welcomes you.

9. We meet new peoples: We meet new peoples on Social Media and blogs; Meeting new peoples will give you upper hands on many skills and also enhances your knowledge. Making friends on social media while working and earning is one of the best tasks anyone can imagine.

10. Our Offices are coolest: When you are into a purely Digital Marketing firm you will enjoy work culture and Office environment. You can go to the office in your track pants, you can freely sit anywhere you want with your laptop, working with your laptop and a cup of coffee on a bean bag with no deadlines is better than heaven to experience.

If I have managed to convince you to join Digital Marketing just take a deep breath and start learning.


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